Phospho-Rb (Ser807/811) (D9) rabbit mAb SureLight488 conjugate

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Product Overview

Retinoblastoma protein (Rb, phospho Rb) is a tumor suppressor protein that is inactivated in a numbr of diverse cancers. The antiproliferative activity of Rb is mediated by its ability to inhibit the transcription of genes that are required for cell cycle progression. Rb contains conserved sites that are phosphorylated by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). CDK phosphorylation typically promotes protein-protien interations through creation of a phospho-epitope that becomes structured upon binding its target. However Rb phosphorylation distrupts interactions with its binding partners. When it is phosphorylated, phospho Rb is inactivated and allows execcisve cell growth that is seen in cancer cells. Sixteen potential sites for CDK-mediated phosphorylation exist in Rb and twelve of these sites have been shown to be phosphorylated in vivo.

Product Details
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Applications Flow Cytometry
Clone RbS807S811-D9
Format SureLight 488
Validated Reactivity Human, Mouse
Cross Reactivity Predicted to work with mouse, rat and other homologues.
Detection Anti-Rabbit IgG
Clonality Monoclonal
Immunogen A synthetic phospho-peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Ser807/811 of human phospho Rb
Formulation 1X PBS, 0.09% NaN3, 0.2% BSA
Isotype Rabbit IgG1k
Preparation Protein A+G
Recommended Usage For flow cytometric staining, the suggested use of this reagent is 5 µL per million cells or 5 µL per 100 µL of staining volume. It is recommended that the reagent be titrated for optimal performance for each application.
Storage 2-8ºC
Pseudonyms Retinoblastoma-associated protein, p105-Rb, pRb, pp110
Uniprot ID P06400
References 1. Burkhart DL et al., (2008) Nat Rev Cancer. 8:671–682.
2. Knudsen ES (2008) Nat Rev Cancer. 8:714–724.
3. Mittnacht S. (1998) Curr Opin Genet Dev. 8:21–27.
4. Weinberg RA. (1995) 81:323–330.
5. Henley SA et al., (2012) Cell Div., 7:10.
Cell Culture Products
Flow cytometric analysis of U937 cells untreated and unstained as negative control (blue) or untreated and stained (green) or treated with lambda phosphatase and stained (red) using Phospho-Rb (Ser807/811) antibody RBS807S811-D9 SureLight488 conjugate. Cat. #2055.