About Abwiz Bio

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Who we are

Founded in 2012 by two problem-solving drug discovery scientists in San Diego,

Abwiz Bio goes the extra mile to deliver successful antibodies, especially for tough targets, to R&D teams.

By combining our highly optimized phage display technology with our patented library construction method, we make rare monoclonal antibodies easily attainable.

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Why Choose Abwiz Bioo

End-to-End Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

End-to-End Custom Services

Leverage our core services to accelerate your workflow from drug discovery through lead optimization.

Optimizing for Success

Optimized for Success

Your success is our success, which is why we’ve optimized every step of our process to deliver high-quality mAbs—for every project and every application.

Friendly Business Terms

Friendly Business Terms

Identify antibody leads for any target with our fee-for-service, royalty-free payment options.

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Flexible Services

With our flexible services, you can get the antibody properties you need—every opportunity can be captured and explored.


Abwiz Bio Pipeline

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Technology Enabling Antibody Wizardry

Along with our innovative phage selection strategies, our patented cloning method WizAmpTM enables us to obtain a wide diversity of antibodies that would otherwise have been missed by hybridoma technology or B-cell screening methods.

First-in-class Robotics

To optimize our methods and develop the best possible antibodies for our customers, we’ve custom designed first-in-class robotics platforms that have increased our throughput and reproducibility.

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Abwiz Bio Team

Our close-knit team of scientists is skillful, innovative, and passionate. With decades of collective experience, we know the ins and outs of antibody discovery, phage display technology, and recombinant antibody production.

Partnership Opportunities

Whether you are in academia or pharma, speed up and derisk the development of useful antibodies by collaborating with our team of antibody experts.