Phospho-MCM2 (Ser139) (B12) rabbit mAb FITC conjugate

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20 μL is enough antibody for at least 20 Western blots.

Product Overview


The members of minichromosome maintenance (McM) protein family 2-7 were originally identified as a group of proteins essential for DNA replication (chromosomal maintenance (1,2). They share common sequence homology to each other in their nulceotide-binding domains and are distinct subgroup of the large AAA ATPase family, which are required for the initiation and elongation of DNA replication. It has been reported that Cdc7/Dbf4 phospohrylates MCM2 during G1/S cell cycle which coincides with the intiation of DNA replication (3,4) 

Product Details

Product Details
Specification Description
Applications Flow Cytometry
Clone MCM2S139-B12
Format FITC
Validated Reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
Cross Reactivity Predicted to work with mouse, rat and other homologues.
Clonality Monoclonal
Immunogen A synthetic phospho-peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Ser139 of human phospho MCM2
Formulation 1X PBS, 0.09% NaN3, 0.2% BSA
Isotype Rabbit IgGk
Preparation Protein A+G
Recommended Usage For flow cytometric staining, the suggested use of this reagent is 5 µL per million cells or 5 µL per 100 µL of staining volume. It is recommended that the reagent be titrated for optimal performance for each application. See product image legends for additional information.
Storage 2-8ºC
Pseudonyms DNA replication licensing factor MCM2, Minichromosome maintenance protein 2 homolog, Nuclear protein BM28, CCNL1, CDCL1, KIAA0030
Uniprot ID P49736
References 1. Bell S.P. and Dutta A. (2002) Annu Rev Biochem71:333-74.
2. Chong J.P. et al., (2995) Natur 375: 418-21.
3. Donovan S. et al., 1997) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 94:5611-6.
4. Tsuji T et al., (2006) Mol Biol Cell17:4459-72.


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Flow cytometric analysis of C6 cells, untreated and unstained as negative control (blue) or untreated (red) or treated with staurosporine (green) and stained using Phospho-MCM2 (Ser139) antibody MCM2S139-B12 FITC conjugate. Cat. #2433.

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