We are Abwiz Bio

Abwiz Bio was founded in September 2012 by two scientists in San Diego to address the quality issues of antibodies currently used in research.

Along with our strong selection strategies, our patented cloning method WizAmpTM enables us to obtain a wide range of antibodies that would otherwise have been missed by hybridoma technology or other phage display methods. Our fully-functional rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed from our RabWizTM technology have more diverse recognition of antigen epitopes with higher-specificity and higher-affinity than our competitors, facilitating reliable target detection. We have also created mouse and alpaca VHH recombinant antibody production and development platforms using our phage technology.

We provide the highest quality monoclonal antibodies to the research reagent, clinical diagnostics, and therapeutics industries. We develop monoclonal antibodies and sell them directly, license, and/or OEM our products to our customers, as well as help customers develop monoclonal antibodies as a contract research organization. Contact us today to see how our recombinant antibody production and development platform can help you achieve your goals.

Abwiz Bio building