Phospho Antibodies

Abwiz Bio has a unique phospho antibody development platform for the creation of antibodies recognizing site-specific phosphorylation of target proteins. Our rabbit monoclonal antibodies are made using our phage-based RabwizTM technology, which is ideally suited for phospho-specific applications. Our antibodies are rigorously validated and optimized for use in Western blotting and flow cytometry (FACS) for the detection of protein phosphorylations.

All our phospho antibody reagents are recombinant rabbit mAbs. Recombinant antibodies are more reliable than their polyclonal or hybridoma-produced counterparts. Due to complete IgG sequence characterization, recombinant antibodies exhibit little lot-to-lot variability. Our RabwizTM platform enables us to capture, sequence, and validate dozens of possible phospho-specific antibodies for each target in a high-throughput manner. This ensures that only the best phospho antibody product is developed for each target.

Each phospho antibody lot undergoes rigorous validation to ensure that our products are of the highest sensitivity and specificity. Our Western blot reagents are tested on cell lysates treated with stimulatory and/or inhibitory drugs specific to each particular pathway. Our flow cytometry reagents are similarly tested, including phospho- and nonphospho-peptide blocking controls to validate the detection of target-specific signals. Contact us today and tell us to add your favorite phosphosite target to our constantly expanding product portfolio!

"My assessment is that this antibody works very well for immune-fluorescence."

-University Professor, about using phospho-4E-BP1 (Thr37/46) antibody Cat. #2141 to study kidney tissue in a rat model.

"The antibody worked great in Western blot."

-Ph.D. Candidate, about using phospho-CrkL (Tyr207) antibody Cat. #2091 in mouse embryotic studies.

"Development continues to go well ... and stability of the diluted antibody under our generic conditions is solid. These assays look very good."

-CSO of Australia-based biotech company, about using phospho-Zap70 (Tyr319)/Syk (Tyr352) antibody Cat. #2076 to develop novel phospho detection assays.