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Monoclonal Antibody Engineering

Monoclonal Antibody Engineering

The Abwiz Bio monoclonal antibody engineering team is comprised of multiple Ph.D. scientists, including our co-founder who possesses over 18 years of experience developing unique antibodies using phage display technology.

Our scientific team will work closely with your team during all phases of monoclonal antibody engineering to ensure success.

Recombinant monoclonal antibody engineering

We offer monoclonal antibody engineering and production services including:

  • Creation of a recombinant antibody from an existing hybridoma

  • Creation of a recombinant antibody from an antibody fragment (scFv, Fab)

  • Rapid (4 weeks) recombinant antibody manufacturing services

    • Based on a proprietary transient CHO expression system which utilizes our proprietary serum-free, defined cell culture media
  • Recombinant antibody modifications:

    • Affinity maturation
    • Humanization
    • Chimeric antibody production
    • Specificity engineering (e.g. discrimination between human and mouse antigens)
    • Optimization of expression
    • Immunoglobulin isotype/class or subclass switching
    • Fc receptor binding modification

Abwiz Bio’s CHO expression system is compatible with any species of recombinant antibody. We routinely achieve high yields and high purity for a variety of human, mouse and rabbit antibodies.

For monoclonal antibody engineering projects that require amino acid mutagenesis (e.g. affinity maturation or expression optimization), Abwiz Bio’s highly optimized Fab expression vector is ideal for library creation. Screening can be performed after phage-based selection from large, unbiased libraries (109-1011 in size), or Fabs can be screened from small, focused libraries. The ability to screen for Fab activity prior to the IgG production step can save enormous time and resources during lead candidate identification.