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We provide researchers world-wide with top-quality monoclonal antibodies through novel immunization and unique cloning methods using phage display technology.

Every Abwiz Bio phosphorylation-specific antibody is a rabbit monoclonal recombinant antibody. Recombinant mAbs are fully characterized by sequencing and exhibit significantly lower batch-to-batch variability compared to hybridoma or polyclonal antibodies. Our phosphorylation-specific research reagents are rigorously validated for flow cytometry and/or Western blot use.

Our Ph.D. scientists collectively have decades of experience with troubleshooting and optimizing the detection of recalcitrant phospho serine (pS), phospho threonine (pT) and phospho tyrosine (pY) targets. If you experience any issue with any of our antibody products, our team will help you get your experiment working and get superb results. Try Abwiz Bio rabbit monoclonal antibodies for your phospho flow and phospho Western research today!

At Abwiz Bio, we also offer antibody development and antibody engineering services. Our phage display platform is uniquely suited for antibody affinity maturation and specificity engineering. Our patented antibody library construction method creates highly diverse, uniformly-amplified libraries suitable for therapeutic-level antibody discovery, while our high-yield recombinant monoclonal antibody production platform delivers large quantities of high-quality purified antibody. We have a proven record of delivering high affinity recombinant antibodies for academic and pharmaceutical clients and are always looking for partners to co-develop diagnostics, therapeutics and research tools. We are setting a new standard for partner-friendly business terms and are excited to help you develop a new antibody to achieve your research goals today!